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Preferred Vendors
Through Research & Development we carefully chose every product that we quote you. We make these decisions based on reliability, performance and aesthetics. Below is a selected list of manufacturers that Sound Ideas is proud to offer.

Please click on a vendor below to learn more.

  • Aiphone
    • Intercom solutions, communications and security
  • Atlantic Technology
    • Innovative Home Theater
  • Atlas Sound
    • In wall & ceiling speakers and much more
  • Bogen
    • Sound systems and telephone peripherals
  • CinemaTech Seating
    • Chairs made for the Home theatre market 
  • Crestron
    • Advanced control and automation solutions
  • Crown
    • Amplifiers, Microphones, System Control for Professional Audio
  • Dish Network
    •  Satellite TV provider
  • DMX Music
    • The sound you want, when you want it VIA Cable or Satellite
  • FutureSmart
    • Structured wiring and Home networking
  • Intelix
    • Audio/visual mic/line and matrix mixing equipment
  • JBL
    • Home Audio speakers and equipment
  • Klipsch
    • Home Audio speakers and equipment
  • Marantz
    • Innovative Home entertainment products
  • MD Central Vacuum
    • Built in Central Vacuum cleaning systems
  • Middle Atlantic Products
    • Engineered mounting and cable management
  • NAD Electronics
    • Audio Equipment with performance, Value and Simplicity
  • Panasonic
    • HDTV, Plasma, Flat Screen, Home Audio, Video, Theater
  • Paradigm
    •  Innovative speaker technology and design
  • Samsung
    • HDTV, Plasma, Flat Screen, Home Audio, Video, Theater
  • Sirus
    • Satellite radio for Home, office, or car
  • SoundTube
    • Innovative speaker technology and design
  • Toshiba Cinema
    • Home entertainment products, including our full line of Televisions, DVD players, VCRs, Portable Digital players, Cordless telephones, and Home Theater components
  • XM Radio
    • Satellite Radio for Automobile and Home

Our job is Not complete when You are happy...we are passionate about getting your system fine-tuned with perfectly balanced audio and the finest possible video quality. 

Too Many Remotes?
Let us design a custom remote that is easy to use and easy to find!


Sound Ideas only uses High-Quality Cables that preserve the signal integrity from one device to another.