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Our Goal
To be the one source for all your residential and commercial custom electronics needs. We meet this goal by having a staff of well trained sales associates and technicians that work with you to plan and design your system meeting optimum performance with intuitive usability.

With over 30 years of combined experience we don't just sell boxes we sell solutions. From this time we know which products work best together. We make sure all the components in your system are compatible to give you optimum performance and ease of use.

In addition to an
expeditious installation, Sound Ideas will get it right the first time. We plan ahead for the little things that matter, like the off chance that the factory might have left something out of the box by having well stocked installation trucks.  And because we know how to pick products that work well together, we minimize the bugs in the system. This allows us to have smoother, quicker installations. So we’ll be gone on schedule.


Our job is Not complete when You are happy...we are passionate about getting your system fine-tuned with perfectly balanced audio and the finest possible video quality. 

Too Many Remotes?
Let us design a custom remote that is easy to use and easy to find!


Sound Ideas only uses High-Quality Cables that preserve the signal integrity from one device to another.